How new technologies are going to change the salesperson role in the next 10 years?

As an introduction, let me tell you that this question can’t be answered. And anyone with an already made answer should not be trusted! That being said, it is worth thinking about it… Continue reading

20 Things I do when I have 0 inspiration

1. I watch a TED talk 2. I think about someone and try to find something inspiring about him/her. I sometimes think, “how would he/she do it”? 3. I watch pictures of previous trips… Continue reading

10 things I’ve learned working for startups


Less thinking, more doing + an inspiring Design Blog

I’ve not been writing for quite a long time but I have been thinking a lot. Maybe even a little too much. Thinking, and thinking some more, instead of doing. I have been… Continue reading

“How to stimulate the buying process by focusing on emotions. “

This title has caught your attention? You too, you want to “stimulate the buying process by focusing on emotions”? Great! I think it’s a great idea! Ok, you can’t see it here but… Continue reading

7 tips to be more efficient and stress less

This article is a compilation of the best tips I have been reading on how “successful people” start their day, and how they organise their time. Some points may seem absolutely impossible to apply,… Continue reading

Open your World with Heineken

This was supposed to be me, sharing an excellent commercial from Heineken, while eating a bowl of cereals. However, as I was researching about the company, it became clear that there is so… Continue reading

Let’s fix that blog #2

So guys, after I published the first article on “Let’s fix that blog #1”, kind of in a magic way, the number of followers of this blog doubled in the next two days.… Continue reading

My 7 Favourite Pinners

I don’t know about you but I am completely addicted to Pinterest (click here to see my boards). It is even worse than Facebook, Twitter and Dexter gathered. I just wanted to share… Continue reading

Colour addict ?

Today’s post is about two beautiful blogs about colours I have come across. There are not new but I think they can be inspiring in many situations. To find ideas for a website design,… Continue reading

Let’s fix that blog

                          The other day, I was mentally complaining about how few people are reading my blog and even fewer are interacting… Continue reading

The Future of Tradition

The Future of Tradition seems to have been a focus point for LVMH, the french luxe conglomerate, since around 2011. In order to participate to a day of discovery of the group, I‘ve… Continue reading

Touch this image!

I’ve discovered Thinglink today. If I believe Mashable (and I tend to) it’s far from new. The new part is that it is now working on Facebook. Well, for my part, I had… Continue reading

Longchamp new digital flagship

Today I had a look at Longchamp’s new digital flagship and I thought it was well worth writing a few words about it. To be transparent I spent about 40 minutes on the… Continue reading

A $5 “just-looking” fee

A grocery shop in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, began charging a $5 fee to the persons entering the shop and leaving without buying anything. Their justification is that too many people just come inside… Continue reading

The GIF is back? (or maybe not)

Have you heard of Cinemagraphs? If you haven’t, technically it not much more than an animated GIF, however with the work done by the fashion photographer Jamie Beck we are quite far from… Continue reading

Behind the Scenes at Mc Donald’s

I believe in this trend of “behind the scene”. I don’t know if it will last but for me that is one of the best appeal to use right now, in particular if… Continue reading

Bravo Lipton

It is still rare to see brands taking advantage of Pinterest so it is worth noticing when I see one. What it more, I quite like this one. The principle is simple, 8… Continue reading

Coca Cola turns a magazine into an amplifier

It if festive, it is appealling to young people, it is happy, it is simple, it’s probably not too expensive. I think it matchs Coca-Cola brand image. I like it (if it works… Continue reading

The shop as a window of the web.

Who has never been in a shop to ask questions, get an idea of the brand quality, try the product before going online to buy it (either to enjoy a reduced price or… Continue reading

My strategy to success

Today, starts what could be seen as the first day of my holidays or the first day of me looking for a job. No matter the point of view, that’s a lot of… Continue reading

Let’s play a game : spot the social network !

For this third and last post about social media at Airservices, I would like to suggest a game (ok, kind of…). I tell you what I just read about Airservices workforce challenges (well… Continue reading

Keep calm and wiki on : Introducing wikis at Airservices ?

Today’s post is the second part of a series of posts about web 2.0 and Airservices Australia. If you haven’t read last week’s post, that’s fine, don’t leave right away, I’ll give you… Continue reading

Introducing blogging at Airservices ?

Today we will try to apply a few things we have learned so far through a short case study about Airservices, an Australian company. In my last blog post I introduced you to… Continue reading

Airports and social media [buckle your seat belt! ]

Today’s post is about airports. And boy let me tell you airports are exciting objects to study because an amazing number of processes are taking place there in parallele, 24 hours a day,… Continue reading

6 tips to make your social media strategy adopted

Did you know that only 18% of organizations have deployed blogs? And only 13% are using wikis ? Yeap, we have been talking of the importance of social media over and over but… Continue reading

The big bad social media monster: Understanding the legal risks

Are you ready? Everybody is comfortably settled?  Perfect. Now listen carefully because I am going to tell you a scary story, the story of all the nasty legal risks that prowl around the… Continue reading

A guided tour through enterprise 2.0 risks and benefits

So, if you read my post last week, you already know that 2.0 tools can help you being more productive in your daily life. With no big surprise, implementing 2.0 tools at a… Continue reading

Soon a 2.0 version of myself ?

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t like to pick the word « Web 2.0 » while playing « Draw it ». When I find a concept very abstract or complex, I sometimes try… Continue reading

Let’s share knowledge, fun, love and whatever

Starting a new blog is always a mixture of excitement and panic for me. “Always”?? How many blogs have you started in your life ?” Hum… a few… I belong to those blogosphere… Continue reading